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CryoFall Teaser Trailer


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Today we show you a gem that despite being in alpha state, leaves us a very good impression. CryoFall is the name of the game and to play its early version the only requirement is to register on the developer's site and download the client.

CryoFall is an Sci-Fi online suvival game set in another planet and in a distant future. The graphics are 2D and the main world is handcrafted by their designers.

Daedalic Entertaiment has taken over the publishing rights of the game, a decision that in our opinion is very wise. Below more information from official sources.

"Daedalic Entertainment is excited to announce that it has picked up the publishing rights for AtomicTorch Studio’s forthcoming multiplayer survival RPG CryoFall!.

"Delivering a thrilling open-world survival experience where players are tasked with taking on the wilderness of an unknown planet, CryoFall is a sci-fi inspired multiplayer game set in the distant future, coming to Windows PC via Steam Early Access on April 3rd, 2019."

"CryoFall drops players into the rather unsafe shoes of a spaceship crash survivor. Encountering dozens of others along the way, the aim is both to discover the hidden and mysterious story behind the planet beneath your feet, as well as - of course - navigating the many perils in your path. Players will join servers capable of supporting up to 200 characters simultaneously, with each one evolving to create a unique world and, in turn, gameplay experience."

“We wanted to create a game where you don't just compete with other players over trivial matters like resources," reveals Valentin Gukov, CryoFall’s game designer. "With its deep features and focus on economy, agriculture, exploration, a compelling environment and more, CryoFall goes beyond that. It offers players lots of freedom on how they can interact with one another. At its core, this game is not about fighting, but creating a new world together!”