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Last Epoch and Pagan Online - Two games to watch out for in April


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A year after the successful launch of its Kickstarter campaign Eleventh Hour Games announces the arrival of Last Epoch's beta to Steam and will arrive April 30th 2019 in early access on Steam.

Online Multiplayer
Offline Singleplayer

Last Epoch is an ARPG that will take us through different periods of time to face countless dangers. Although the prices are not yet published in Steam, access to the beta from their website currently costs $35.

There's a free demo at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastepoch/last-epoch


Beta trailer:


Pagan Online is an ARPG fast action combat with keyboard control using WASD and will be launched in Steam Early Access. So far eight different heroes have been shown and a campaign of 50 hours duration.

Pagan Online will be Buy-To-Play although for the moment they have not announced what the price will be during the anticipated access. The game will be released sometime this month of April.

Teaser trailer.