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Ratten Reich - Dieselpunk-influenced warfare


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Ratten Reich is a real-time strategy game whose campaign has been launched a few days ago on Kickstarter and that has caught my attention from the first moment I saw the video.​
The visual aspect is very careful and immediately we associate it to the great world wars that have occurred throughout history with the difference that instead of being the protagonists humans, they are mice, cockroaches, rats and lizards, with humanized forms all of them and forming two factions facing each other.​
All factions have their own history and origins, having a list of unique units with specific equipment and vehicles. For example, the Rat Reich differs from other factions and their units by its militarization and variety of weapons.​
Below is the video and the link to kickstarter where you can sign up for the beta. Mention that if the goals are met, the game should be available for PC, Xbox One and Ps4 in September 2022. Special attention to the spectacular soundtrack.​